Declaration of accessibility

The form of published information is in accordance with notice no. 64/2008 Coll., of the form of publishing information related to public administration through websites for people with disabilities (notice of accessibility). If some conditionally mandatory principles are not met, they are listed below.

If the link opens a new window it is indicated by the icon new window and/or by label [in new window].

Exceptions from rules of accessibility

Rule no. 3 and 9: For the application functionality is necessary to use a browser which supports Javascript and has JavaScript enabled and also permission to store files Cookies must be granted.

To work with an electronic signature that can be used to sign messages and electronic tenders and requests to participate and to encrypt electronic tenders and requests to participate you need to have browser with installed and enabled Oracle Java (or JRE - Java Runtime Environment) in the latest version (test can be done eg. on - button [Agree and Continue] or on your own test in system. Download of the latest version is available at There are also alternative versions of Java, but encryption and electronic signing with them is not guaranteed. For Firefox since version 34, Chrome since version 37, Opera since version 24 and Microsoft Edge since version 12 there is a JavaScript alternative solution for that purposes without using java applet.

Electronic tool E-ZAK uses encryption to protect transmitted data. For this purpose it uses a server certificate issued by a certification authority (address in your browser starts with https://). Since January 1, 2010 certificates with stronger security (SHA-2) are issued, which can not be handled in older systems such as Windows 2000, 98, 95, NT. In Windows XP must be installed Service Pack 3, otherwise the system will not be able to view the site. For the proper system funcionality it is recommended to run Windows Vista or higher.

Rule no. 15: This is a specialized website under Act no. 134/2016 Coll., on public contracts procurement and related regulations (no. 168/2016 Coll., on publishing forms for purposes of the law on public contracts procurement and elements of the profile of contracting authority and no. 260/2016 Coll., on laying down detailed conditions relating to electronic tools, electronic acts in public contracts procurement and certificate of conformity).

Rule no. 20: This web is not considered as an extensive one with a complex structure, which would require a separate site map or search. Navigation menu replaces the site map.

Information presented in other formats

On this site, some information may be available in other formats than text and hypertext.

Documents may occur in the following formats:
  • PDF - for this format exists free downloadable browser Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • DOC, XLS, PPT - Microsoft provides to its Office products free viewers to download.
  • RTF - can be displayed and edited by commonly used text editors.
  • ZIP - some documents might be compressed because of the size. There is a big amount of programs on the internet that can decompress this format.

Administrator contact

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