Public contract: Genetic evaluation based on genomic data

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procurement procedure phase Awarded
Contract was awarded.
DBID: 1430
System number: P21V00000008
Date of commence: 15.01.2021
Tender submit to: 10.02.2021 10:00

Title, type and description of public contract

  • Title: Genetic evaluation based on genomic data
  • Type of public contract: Services
  • Contract for the framework agreement.

Brief subject description:
The subject of the small-scale public contract is the provision of continuous statistical and scientific support to a team of forest geneticists and the performance of specific tasks, such as analysis of SNP markers of Norway spruce samples using GBLUP and GWAS methods, and supervision of the used statistical methods, etc.
The subject of the small-scale public contract has been detailed in Attachment 1 – Binding model of the Framework Agreement and in Attachment 2 - Specification of the subject of performance, hereto. The Contracting Authority requires the complete delivery of all parts of the subject of performance, the Contracting Authority shall not accept the partial performance of the subject of this small-scale public contract.

Procedure type, estimated value

  • Procedure: VZMR s uveřejněním
  • Public contract regime: small-scale public contract
  • Estimated value: 900 000 Kč without VAT

Contracting authority

  • Official name: Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
  • CRN: 60460709
  • Postal address:
    Kamýcká 129
    165 00 Praha - Suchdol
  • Name of the department: Externisté
  • Contracting authority profile identification in VVZ: 60062638

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prostřednictvím elektronického nástroje E-ZAK (

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